I'm Professional Photographer and also a photo Editor/Retoucher.

Meeting new people every day brings us the energy to edit and deliver photographs in sort terms. We love what we do, 

Especially watching happy clients after they are receiving their photographs. 

Little more

I WASN'T born with a camera, when I was a teenage girl my hobby was I always love taking photos and go to places, my dad has bought me a camera film since then I'm not stopping to continued learning and practice in the photography industry. In the last 10 years, I spend my time living to photograph, editing, and retouching over 10k images/day with a deadline. I spend all my money on cameras, lenses photography pieces of equipment, and props. 2019 I start opening my studio at my house and I'm in love shooting in the studio.


So Nice To Meet you !!!

I'm the founder and dreamer behind Sparkle Eyes Photography who's passionate about making those images come to life.

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Branch in a Glass Jar

In my photography,

I'm using professional equipment and simple props and Edit by Photoshop to get my style look that I'm happy with and also little adjust with my clients' needs.


my style trying to be unique, fresh outdoor, keep it nice, simple, and also modern touch. 

My goal is to capture that moment when that telling me the story and finding art in photography.

Get ready for your beautiful moment to be captured I'm so excited to meet you all.

Enjoy and have a good time with me  !!!

Sparkle Eyes Photography.

Gaelle Khachan 

Andrew Young-Jin Choi

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Makeup Artist